In A Seminar On “Emotional Intelligence” HEC Professor Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Delivers An Extension Lecture On The Subject

“Emotional intelligence is an ultra-modern concept and it has been immensely helpful in producing an efficient and more productive workforce. It is employed in improving family affairs. It is harnessed for the promotion of education. It is very useful in solving marital problems. It promotes leadership skills and is like a catalyst operates in promoting art and in the creation of literature. David Goleman, Salovey and Mayer are some of the latest thinkers who have promoted the study, significance, practical applications and implications of research on emotional intelligence”. These views were expressed by HEC Professor of Psychology               Dr Gulzar Ahmed at the University of Gujrat while lecturing in a seminar on “Emotional Intelligence” organized by the Dept. of Psychology in the premises of the department.

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The function started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Ms. Tayyaba. Naat was recited by Ms. Misbah Ghaffar. Ms. Farhat Jabeen an M.Phil student functioned as the stage secretary. She made a research presentation on the topic of ‘Emotional Intelligence.’ Her research was based on a comparative study of Emotional Intelligence among Basic Sciences students and Social Sciences students. She presented her case with the help of multimedia.

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Ms. Bushra Akram along with faculty of Psychology including Professor Yousaf Jamal and Qurantul Ain, besides Prof. Humayun Ghauri Associate Professor Department of English also fully participated in the Seminar. In his knowledge cum fact packed lecture Dr. Gulzar Ahmed surveyed the origin, development and application of Emotional intelligence.


He surveyed different forms of intelligences operating in the human personality. In this context he emphasized the role of multiple intelligences. These include linguistic, logical, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, moral, spiritual intelligences. This taxonomy of intelligences brings forward different nodal points which are negotiated by sensual feelings and intellect, in improving the overarching gestalt of personality. According to Goleman Emotional Intelligence can be defined as “A confluence of cognitive, affective and behavioral skills.” It is based on the functioning of head, heart and hand.


Effective, productive and wise behavior requires that we harmonise (attune) our thoughts and emotions and accurately recognize and communicate an understanding and respect for them. He elaborated the value and importance of Emotional Intelligence. Under this rubric he explored the concepts of Empathy, self-regulation, acquisition of social skills.

At the end he suggested ways and means of improving and honing emotional intelligence. He concluded his lecture by suggesting the unlearning of old decadent habits which were inhibitive in the growth emotional intelligence.

Prof. Humayun Ghauri and some of the students asked very interesting questions Dr. Gulzar was happy to negotiate these questions and in this way wrapped up a very interesting and educative seminar in the history of Psychology Department.

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