“Speeches, Debates And Declamation Contests Hone The Rhetorical Oratorical Analytical And Critical Skills of Students,” Remarks Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nizamuddin In His Closing Address To The First All Pakistan Declamation Contest of UOG

“I have been all ears to the speechifications from the rostrum. The declamation presented here was of a class. The humorous speeches were equally effective and communicative. The participations of 28 Universities from across the country is an astounding success, especially when it is the very first All Pakistan Declamation Contest of this University. I congratulate all the participating teams. I also congratulate Prof Syed Shabeer Hussain Shah Patron and Coordinator Rana Ahmad Shaheed for successfully holding and managing such a mega event. Ten years back when I was working at Columbia University USA, all students were compulsorily taught a vital course of “Development of Social Sciences and Technology,” of one credit hour. Today in Pakistan we need to disseminate more familiarity with social sciences based on Research. Debating Societies in the Universities are performing the vital task of generating debate in the varsities which ultimately would trickle down in national consciousness and ethos. We as a nation must explore our own issues and work for our national interests and stop fighting for other nations. I have been pleased to see the oratory of participants based on effective Rhetoric. This elocution and declamation is the need of the day. It teaches to use speech as an effective weapon for persuasion besides concentrating on National issues.


I suggest the debating society to hold debates among departments to hone oratorical and debating skills of students. There are no less than 35 departments in the varsity. I have witnessed very significant debates at the international forum of UNO. Debates and declamations develop skills of analysis and explore solutions to different national problems.” These views were expressed by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nizamuddin Vice Chancellor UOG in his address at the closing ceremony of first All Pakistan Declamation Contest at UOG. Early on Prof. Syed Shabeer Hussain Shah Patron Debating Society addressed the audience. He highlighted the significance of research and analysis in exploring national cum social issues. He appreciated the declamatory skills of students and suggested ways and means for honing these rhetorical skills.


Rana Ahmad Shaheed Coordinator of the society gave vote of thanks to participants, judges, speakers and guests. He thanked the Vice Chancellor Dr. Nizamuddin and the Registrar Dr. Tahir Aqil for their unqualified patronization and financial cum administrative support. He in detail thanked the different persons who worked for the organization of this mega event, especially the president Mr. Kamran Ahmad and Seretary Safia Zia, who also presided over the contests.


Prof Dr. Nizamuddin in company with Syed Shabeer Hussain Shah gave away the prizes of the Declamation Contest. In first All Pakistan Declamation Contest 1st Prize was fetched by Mr. Noor-ul-Murtaza of Punjab University. Second prize went to Talha Malik of PNC whereas third prize was bagged by Mohammad Mashhood of UET. Taxila.


In Urdu speeches first prize was won by Hamza Tarar of Punjab University whereas second prize went to Umar Pasha of GCU Faisalabad third prize was bagged by Zahid Ali of GCU Lahore. The overall UOG trophy was won by Punjab University on the basis of team performance.











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