UOG Wins Many Prizes In Divisional Punjab Youth Festival

I congratulate all those students who have won distinctive positions in divisional sports competition and upheld the name of University of Gujrat. In this context I also congratulate Mohammad Mushtaq Bhatti Director Weekend Evening Program, Mr. Akhlaq Ahmed Deputy Director Sports Ms. Nasira Iqbal sports Officer who have organized and trained different teams.

In context with Punjab Youth Festival, Divisional Competitions were held at Gujrat in photography, Painting, Street Art, Drama, Handicraft, Horticulture, Cultural Project, Business Entrepreneurship. I again congratulate those students who have won prominent positions in these competitions. I am pretty sure that these teams will come out with flying colors in the provincial level competitions as well.

These ideas were expressed by Mohammad Akram Bhatti Registrar UOG in a celebratory meeting. The following competitions have been won by UOG team. In Female students competition in 200 meter race MsNazia has won the first position. In 500 meter race Ms. Shamsa fetched the first position. In shotput Ms. Qandeel bagged first position. In Javeline Throw Ms. Ammara was ahead of all others. In Long jump Ms. Khizra won first position where as in 400 meters race Nazia came second. In 100 meters race Ammara got second position.

In male students competition, in 800 meter and 1500 meter races Habeel stood first. In Javeline throw Irfan fetched first position. In long jump Mudassar was able to get first position. In Kabbadi and Basket Ball matches UOG team got first positions. In 100 meters and 200 meter races Mudassar obtained second position. In photographic competition  Semar Habeeb bagged first position Faiqa Islam second position and Amar Mughal third position. In street art, a team consisting of Rooha Tariq, Saboora Shafeeq, Aneeqa Akram, Sufian Aslam and Sidra Iqbal won second position and another team consisting of Awais, Nadia, Yousaf, RaheelAsghar, Aisha Nadeem and Shuja was able to achieve third position. In Business Entrepreneurship Competition a team consisting of Gheena Bilal, Shoib Ahmed, Saifullah, TaqadusGilani, HiraAkram won ssecond position. A team consisting of SairaGulzar, Mir Bilal, Irfan, UsmanAkhtar, FaizanHafeez won third position. All the same, in Drama, Handicrafts, horticulture, and culture project competition UOG won laurels and bagged first position.

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